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About Us

Custom Gear Solutions is a women owned business. Kandie King Napier is the President of the company. Her father, Robert H King was the founder of Pivot Punch & Die Corporation; which is now known as Pivot Punch Corporation in Lockport, New York. Kandie works diligently on the day to day issues of the company, customer service and bringing Custom Gear in compliance with higher quality standards. Kandie on occasion will help out on the shop floor. She has operated almost every machine at Custom Gear.

Michael Stevens is Kandie's partner of 23 years. Mike has over 39 years experience in gear manufacturing. Started his career cutting internal gear housings for a major coal mining equipment supply company. Worked many years at Blaw-Knox Buffalo, now knowen as Buffalo Technologies, a major food & chemical equipment company programing a variety of CNC machines and supervising CNC machine operators. Our staff is dedicated to Quality and On Time Delivery.  We work with prototypes that follow with production and serve the medical, military, optical, petroleum, aircraft, aerospace and defense industries.


Kandie  Kandie
Kandie Napier - President


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