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Gear Design

Gear Design - Custom Gear Solutions works with a network of gear manufacturers and gear designers. We can help with any gear design problem you may have. We specialize in production spur and helical gear cutting and we also manufacturer components for the military, medical, optical, petroleum, aircraft, aerospace and defense industries.




If your looking for a reliable high quality gear cutting manufacturer with on time delivery and economical pricing, please consider Custom Gear Solutions for your next project. Custom Gear will manufacture complete or cut gear teeth on customer supplied parts. Our team at Custom Gear will work closely with your engineers to find a solution to your gearing needs. We can reverse engineer your project or help with your prototype gears and gear sets for a perfect end product. American standard and Module System gearing manufactured to AGMA quality standards. 


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Please Call 716-874-1696, fax 716-874-1697, or e-mail drawings in PDF format if possible for a prompt quotation. All quotations will be a answered promptly. Quotations will be valid for 30 days. Contact us for production discount.


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