Custom Gear Solutions, Inc.
1726 Niagara Street, Buffalo New York 14207
Phone 716-874-1696  Fax 716-874-1697

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Custom Gear Solutions, Inc.
1726 Niagara Street
Buffalo, New York 14207
Ph 716-874-1696
Fax 716-874-1697
Kandie's Cell 716-553-432


Kandie Napier - President


Please fax or e-mail drawings in PDF format if possible for a prompt quotation. All quotations will be answered promptly.
Quotations will be valid for 30 days. Contact us for long run production discounts


Custom Gear Solutions, Inc.  Ph 716-874-1696  |  Fax 716-874-1697  | Kandie Cell 716-553-4328 | e-mail
Our customer service hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday
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